Enter the Blizzverse

Conceptualizing the future of gaming platforms 🎮


Designer, Prototyper


3 days


Sophia Nguyen and myself!

Figma UX/UI Design Prototyping AR Lens Studio Unity 3D Animation

The final sizzle reel, a product of a few late nights and a lot of coffee.


Blizzard's annual hackathon allows employees to make anything their heart desires, whether it be business relatd or not. We decided to make the Blizzverse, a unified platform exprience that allows players to interact with Blizzard IPs in new ways outside of the games themselves.


Building it all in 3 days

I knew the timeline was tight, but I had ambitious plans for the hackathon. The process began in Figma, where I mocked up the general flow of the experience. From there, I ideated on an entry point to the Blizzverse; why not make portals on Blizzard's Battle.net launcher that could take you to new virtual experiences?

Blizzverse Entry
Blizzverse Portals

I used Figma to create theentry flow to the Blizzverse by integrating lore pages on the Battle.net launcher, which would allow users to read about in-game universes and thei favorite characters in a single place.

Blizzverse Characters
Blizzverse Lore

While lore pages in the launcher were cool, I really wanted to prototype a new browser-based exprience that could allow players to interact in new and fun ways outside of their usual games. With inspiration from platforms like Gather.town, I created a Unity prototype for a 2.5D sidescrolling social gaming platform that would allow players to create their own characters, learn more about Blizzard games, and interact in new ways. I included a QR code here that could act to onboard desktop users to the mobile equivalent of the Blizzverse.

Blizzverse Character Creator
Blizzverse Character Customization
Blizzverse Chat
Blizzverse Mobile gateway

That's right; with only a day left in the hackathon, we decided to make mobile Blizzverse experiences too.

Blizzverse mobile
Lore page

These demos were created using a kitbash of Figma, Blender, and Lens Studio. I textured and animated the character models using Blender and Mixamo and exported the renders to Figma to incorporate in the mocks. For the live AR app, I used Lens Studio to anchor animated characters in the environment.

Blizzverse mobile
Lore page

With the mobile equivalent of the Blizzverse sporting both AR and non-AR capabilities, we felt pretty satisfid with the state of our project. However, having used Lens Studio to get the AR demo working, I felt there was still potential for interactive expriences that could augment our players' reality, so I created a set of AR Snapchat filters inspired by characters from Overwatch 2.

Blizzverse mobile
Blizzverse mobile
Blizzverse mobile


Creating the Blizzverse was one of the most fun and challenging protoyping projects I've undergone in a long time, in no small part due to the sheer amount of content made within the span of 3 days.

Not only did it help me bring a cool idea to life, but the project also helped me find ways to integrate my favorite creative tools together in novel workflows. Oh, and I got to pitch to leadership too, which was pretty cool.

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